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FFY 2018 PEARS Training and Support Materials

PEARS Training Materials

Support Materials

    KSU/California SNAP-Ed PEARS PSE Overview Training Webinar (FFY17)

    *The recommended software is VLC; but QuickTime should work.  The webinar will take a few minutes to download/open.
    • PEARS PSE Module FAQs  PDF

UC CalFresh Interactive PEARS PSE Module Workshop

A recording of the UC CalFresh Interactive PEARS PSE Module Workshop


Support Materials for PSE Module

Regional Evaluation Workshop Training Materials (FFY17)

    A word file that includes all the data entry and drop-down fields for the PSE Site Activities Module.

      • PEARS PSE FY17 Reference Documents PDF

    All the support documentation included in the PSE Site Activities Module e.g. how to's and additional background information.

    PEARS Program Activities Overview Training (FFY18)

    Presented by KSU and NEOPB

        Support Materials for Program Activity Module

          • Program Activity Tip Sheet for UC CalFresh Users
            • This document will take you step by step through the Program Activity Module with helpful links to other resources
          • PEARS Surveys Tip Sheet for UC CalFresh Users
            • This document will take you step by step through the process for adding and attaching surveys, entering matched pre/post survey data, and using the auto calculate function to generate demographics for your adult class participants (optional approach).
          • Printable Program Activity Template PDF
          • Printable Program Activity Template Word doc
            • The template is a replication of the module with all of the lists and guidance included with each of the associated fields.
          • Program Activity Naming Guidelines
            • These naming guidelines are a starting point for creating the Program Activity Names used in PEARS. This document will assist your SNAP-Ed Team in creating consistent and searchable program activity names.
          • Aid for SNAP-Ed Custom Data section of Program Activity - Curricula
            • This tool was created to assist PEARS Users in completing the SNAP-Ed Custom Data section of the Program Activities Module. Each curriculum, approved by UC CalFresh, can be found and matched with the appropriate Intervention Topics, Objectives and Priority Indicators.
            • If you are providing an approved lesson from one of the curricula list, please list only the topics, objectives and indicators that apply to the lesson.

        Program Activity and Direct Education Surveys - January 2018

        Presented by the UC CalFresh State Office