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PEARS - Program Activity and PSE Data Collection System


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UC CalFresh Office Hours

Please join us beginning March 6 for monthly office hours. We will be addressing questions or other pressing issues you may have with PEARS reporting program activities, surveys and PSE efforts. Download the current scheduled office hour meeting information for call in and log on information.

FFY 2018 PEARS Training and Support Materials

        PEARS Program Activity Reporting and Support Materials

        • Webinar Materials for Program Activities
        • Program Activity Naming Guidelines
        • Printable Program Activity Form
        • Program Activity Tip Sheet for UC CalFresh User's

        PSE Activity Reporting and Training Materials

        • Reference Documents
        • FAQ's
        • Webinar Materials for PSE Training (FFY17)

    FFY 2018 Program Activity Data Collection Tools



        Teacher/Extender Enrollment Form

        Adult Demographic Forms and Sign-In Sheets

        This Excel file includes the Demographic half sheets and sign-in sheets for both English and Spanish

        Adult Demographic Forms with ID Added

          Nutrition Activity Reporting Forms NARF

          Each NARF will print double sided with the form on one side and the matching instructions on the back. All files are Zip files with an Excel Worksheet and a PDF formatted form enclosed.

          Quarterly (PDF/Excel)  Monthly (PDF/Excel)

          Daily Tracking Forms (PDF/Excel)

          Indirect Activity