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UC CalFresh Branding Guidance

UC CalFresh Wordmark (logo)

      • Integrate the new UC CalFresh wordmark for all UC CalFresh documents, social media, web pages signature blocks, etc.
        • Documents already in circulation should be updated with the new UC CalFresh wordmark prior to re-printing or revising.
        • It is best practice to refer to the UC CalFresh website to ensure your program is using the most current standardized form(s), such as NARFs, teacher enrollment forms, etc. Please do not dispose of any item if the only change that needs to be made is the wordmark (logo)
      • Beginning October 1, 2016, the new UC CalFresh wordmark will appear on Nutrition Education Reinforcement items (NERI) ordered for your UC CalFresh county program by the UC CalFresh State Office.
        • All NERI currently on hand should be utilized first prior to re-purchasing or acquiring new items due to the logo modification. Refer to UC CalFresh Program Directive 2012-04 for additional information on the purchase of NERI.
      • UCCE County UC CalFresh Programs are to begin working with UC ANR to update the webpages to include the new UC CalFresh wordmark and proper identification of the UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program.
        • UC CalFresh Webpages must include the new UC CalFresh wordmark, the required SNAP-Ed civil rights and funding statements and the CalFresh outreach information (see below). This is also available in the SNAP-Ed Guidance.

UC CalFresh Templates

      • Any UC CalFresh branded documents must include the use of UCOP colors, and font, new UC CalFresh Wordmark, and other required information including the CalFresh Outreach statement, civil rights, and funding statements
        • Counties should not be using items that are not branded appropriately or that diverge from UC CalFresh and/or UC ANR branding guidelines.

Downloading other Materials

      • Effectively immediately, all downloaded materials must have a disclaimer noting the permission to download and appropriate attributions prior to use and/or making copies for distribution
        • Materials containing commercial branding, such as from a food company, contain logos or visuals suggestive of a commercial brand may not be used or distributed to SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education participants


Please contact the UC CalFresh State Office or call 530-754-7794 with requests for branded materials or if your program would find a particular type of branded material useful and it is not already available.