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2013 Final SNAP-Ed Guidance.pdf

2013 Final SNAP-Ed Guidance.pdf — PDF document, 1327 kB (1359531 bytes)


FY 2014 SNAP-Ed Guidance.pdf — PDF document, 1270 kB (1301140 bytes)

SNAP-Ed_Distribution_List13-14cc1-22-14.pdf — PDF document, 66 kB (67996 bytes)


FinalFY2015SNAP-EdGuidance.pdf — PDF document, 2320 kB (2376238 bytes)


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    • All 50 States, the District of Colombia, and the Virgin Islands provide nutrition education for SNAP (called CalFresh in California) and other eligible low-income individuals. The goal of SNAP-Ed is to improve the likelihood that persons eligible for SNAP will make healthy food choices within a limited budget and choose physically active lifestyles consistent with current Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate.
      • - EatFresh is an online resource for CalFresh (Snap, or food stamp) eligible individuals and families but also for anyone who wants to improve their health. The goals for this website include: to encourage cooking at home with fresh food & minimally processed non-perishables, to show users that healthy change happens even though barriers exist, & to better understand the link between lifestyle/diet choices with the prevention of chronic diseases.


      SNAP-Ed Guidance

      The new SNAP-Ed Guidance for FY2016 has been published by USDA.

      Western Region SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework

      United States Department of Agriculture

      Dietary Guidelines for Americans


        • The Association of SNAP-Ed Nutrition Network and Other Implementing Agencies is the professional organization for SNAP-Ed Implementing Agency administrators and leasers who work together to promote communication between federal and state agencies; promote social marketing with nutrition education; serve as a nation-wide resource for nutrition education; network expertise, and partnership development within SNAP-Ed; and advance successful practices that lead to the incorporation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, specifically among SNAP-Ed eligible individuals and communities.

      California Department of Aging



        California Department of Public Health



        Afterschool Program Guide

            • A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Exemplary Practices in Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Food Security in Afterschool Programs is designed to help program directors, leadership team members, site directors and your partners- in an intentional and systematic way- strengthen your afterschool program to help students develop healthy lifestyle habits.

          Agriculture in the Classroom

          • The mission of Agriculture in the Classroom is to increase awareness and understanding of agriculture among California's educators and students. You can find free or low-cost teacher-tested and scientifically sound classroom materials to enhance the educational experience of K-12 students including materials in Spanish, a "Gardens for Learning" resource guidebook, "Resources for Every Season" installable software that includes an entire collection of teacher resources, and a "Teacher Resource Guide" search engine to help you find more specific resources.

          Childhood Obesity Prevention

          Child Care

          Dairy Council of California

          Fact Sheet

          My Plate Kids Place

            • MyPlate Kids Place provides online resources and tools for children to help them make healthier choices in a fun and appealing way

          Physical Activity

          Safe Routes to School

          School Wellness

          Smarter Lunchrooms




            Training Resources

            UC Resources for Educators


            Frequently Asked Questions


            USDA Resources for Educators


              Evaluating Online Resources

              Subscriptions to Health Newsletters

              University Extension Programs: Information Resources

              Health & Nutrition Online Resources

              DATA SOURCES & MAPS

              About Putting Youth on the Map

                • About Putting Youth on the Map- California wants and needs for its youth to thrive - not merely to survive or face fewer problems. But how do we know whether out young people are doing well? To help answer this question, the UC Davis Center for Regional Change collaborated with the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and VESTRA to create Putting Youth On the Map, which provides access to new analyses of youth data, as well as links to a variety of existing data sources
                • GIS Viewer 2.0 - The Network for a Healthy California mapping application is an interactive, internet based Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows users to view and query mapped nutrition data. The application contains a rich set of nutrition and other health related data.

              Youth Data

                • is your gateway to comprehensive data about the health and well being of children across California. The site offers data for every city, county and school district in the state, making it easy to monitor trends and pinpoint disparities.
                • Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System monitors the types of health-risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and adults. YRBSS also measures the prevalence of obesity and asthma among youth and young adults.

              County Health Ranking & Roadmaps

                • County Health Ranking & Roadmaps helps you find health rankings for your state and county. Look up your county's rankings, learn about the methods, and download the data.



                • Find out where your community stands on important measures of obesity. Then find policies and strategies for making the place you live healthier for everyone.

                OTHER RESOURCES

                UC Davis / College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

                  • UCANR University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

                Law and Policy

                WorkLife and Wellness

                Food Retailer & Gardens

                Best Practices

                CSUBestPractices.pdf — PDF document, 2154 kB (2206313 bytes)

                LHC_African_American_Factsheet_FINAL.pdf — PDF document, 800 kB (819290 bytes)

                Score Card

                lunchroom_self-assessment_score_card_11-23-13.pdf — PDF document, 282 kB (289428 bytes)