Adult Nutrition Education Curriculum

The CalFresh Healthy Living, UC program provides evidence-based nutrition, physical activity and garden-based education to qualifying adults in California. The curricula listed on this page are the most commonly used Adult curricula by CFHL, UCCE programs. Descriptions and links for obtaining or ordering the curriculum are listed below.

For the full breakdown of which evaluation tools are recommended for use with each curriculum, please refer to the FFY 2024 Recommended Evaluation Tools and SMART Objectives. MiniCourse

  • Healthy eating doesn't have to be confusing! The Mini Course boosts your nutrition, cooking, and healthy living knowledge. Each of the 15 self-paced topics takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Learn how to eat healthy, save money and cook easy, tasty meals.

Eating Smart, Being ActiveEat Smart Logo

  • Eating Smart Being Active is an Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) curriculum for adults developed by EFNEP staffs at Colorado State University and University of California at Davis. Based upon the socioecological model, Eating Smart Being Active is an evidence based, nutrition education and obesity prevention curriculum.

Eat Healthy • Be Active Community Workshops

Eat Smart, Live Strong

Fresh From the Garden

Fresh From The Garden

  • Fresh from the Garden, targets limited resource home gardeners and their families with lessons designed to increase gardeners' knowledge of healthful eating and physical activity, while emphasizing the health benefits of a vegetable-rich diet. Lessons are available in English and Spanish and can be presented as single session workshops or a series of lessons.

Healthy, Happy, Families


MyPlate for My Family

  • MyPlate for My Family is an educational toolkit that supports SNAP-Ed nutrition education and obesity prevention efforts and is based on recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. It targets parents and caregivers who are SNAP eligible and play a key role in planning, purchasing, and preparing food for their families. The toolkit contains 4 lessons, participant handouts, and a marketing brochure. Lessons are available in English and Spanish and are designed to be delivered as a series. 

Making Every Dollar Count

Making Every Dollar Count

  • Are you in control of your money? Or is your money in control of you? The Making Every Dollar Count curriculum teaches participants budgeting and food resource management skills so they can make their food dollars last to the end of the month. The curriculum consists of 8 lessons that can be taught as single sessions or a series. Lessons are available in English and Spanish.

Plan, Shop, Save and Cook
Plan Shop Save and Cook

  • Plan, Shop, Save and Cook is an interactive four lesson curriculum that promotes MyPlate messaging to limited resource families. Lessons cover meal planning to include the MyPlate food groups, how to shop with a grocery list and use unit pricing to get the most for your food dollars. Food safety and preparing a healthy, low-cost recipe are also covered. Curriculum is series based and available in English, Spanish and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Nutrition Spotlights

  • Nutrition Spotlights are mini lessons designed for use as one time workshops in settings such as social services offices and food pantries. Lesson topics include: Importance of Breakfast, MyPlate and Fruit and Vegetable Intake, and Making Better Beverage Choices.

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