Program Activities

Participant Data Collection Forms

Collecting demographics and tracking participants, Adult recruiting methods and guidance

These forms are designed to capture data for virtual lessons that have a lesson plan and a predetermined time for each lesson

Program Activity Delivery Forms

Extender | Teacher | Peer Educator Enrollment Form

Adult Demographic Cards

Without ID# With ID# PDF Forms

Large Print Adult Demographic Form

    Program Activity Tracking Forms

    Direct Education Tracking and CATCH Lessons Forms
    Direct Education Tracking Form Instructions
    PEARS Data Entry Guidance

    Customizing and Distributing Electronic Forms

    Early Childhood Education Tracking Forms

    ECE Program Activity Tracking Forms

    Go, Glow, Grow

    Happy Healthy Me

    PEARS Program Activity Tip Sheet


    CFHL, UC PEARS Program Activity Module Tip Sheet UPDATED 03.15.21

    Collecting Surveys through PEARS

    PEARS Surveys Tip Sheet UPDATED

    This document demonstrates the step-by-step process for attaching surveys in PEARS, if administering surveys in person – entering matched pre/post survey data into PEARS, using the auto calculate function to generate demographics for your class participants, and collecting surveys online using the survey link/QR code in PEARS.

    Online Surveys Tip Sheet UPDATED

    This document takes you step-by-step through the process for accessing online survey links in PEARS and Qualtrics as well as distributing survey links to class participants via Zoom in order to collect participant surveys online when delivering web-based nutrition education classes.

    PEARS: How to Collect Survey Response Data with a Public Link New

    This resource includes a “how-to” video from PEARS that take you step-by-step through the process for generating a public survey link in PEARS in order to collect adult participant surveys online when delivering web-based nutrition education classes.