Onboarding New Staff

Onboarding for New Staff

Welcome to CalFresh Health Living, UC from the State Office!

Members of the State Office team introduce themselves and welcome new staff.

Onboarding Trainings & Resources for New Staff

*Onboarding Checklist*

CFHL, UC Educator Self-Assessment Checklist

Required Ongoing Trainings

UCCE/UC ANR/UC Davis Trainings

CFHL Trainings for all Implementing Agencies

CFHL, UC Trainings

Program Initiatives
Curriculum and Direct Education
Nutrition and Food Safety

Onboarding Trainings & Resources for New Supervisors

UCCE/UC ANR Trainings for Supervisors *coming soon*

CFHL Trainings for Supervisors *coming soon*

CFHL, UC Trainings for Supervisors