School Wellness Policy


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California Local School Wellness Policy Collaborative

The California Local School Wellness Policy Collaborative brings together state leaders committed to improving student wellness and academic success.  For more information please visit the Dairy Council of California Website.


The CFHL, UC School Wellness Policy Toolkit New


The CFHL, UC School Wellness Policy Toolkit provides a one-stop, complete guide to understanding school wellness policies and initiatives, as well as CalFresh Healthy Living, UC’s role in supporting them. This toolkit will provide you background knowledge, tools and resources to use or to pass on, as well as information on what is allowable and unallowable. The goal of the toolkit is to provide CalFresh Healthy Living, UC staff with a resource that can be a guide towards starting conversations, getting stakeholders to the table, and moving school wellness policy from paper to action.

Evaluation Resources

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School Health Connections is a joint program between the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the California Department of Education (CDE). SHC's goal is to ensure that children are healthy and ready to learn.


Resources and tools including policy requirements, assessment tools and links to the National School Lunch Program.