Adult Evaluation Tools

Adult Evaluation Tools

These are the most commonly used Adult evaluation tools in the CalFresh Healthy Living, UC SNAP-Ed. For the full breakdown of which evaluations are recommended for each curricula, please consult the FFY 2020 Recommended Evaluation Tools and SMART Objectives.

Adult Taste Testing Tool

Food Behavior Checklist (FBC)

Intent to Change (ITC)

Below are the Intent to Change Participant Answer Cards & Evaluation Links. Workshop evaluation questions broken out into single questions in note-card sized format for the fourteen (14) different topics. Choose the question(s) that apply to your workshop. Each note size card can be printed 2 to a sheet and printed double-sided with the Adult Demographics Forms.

Sweet Beverages
Lower Fat Milk
Food Labels
Fast Foods
Fried Foods
Unit Prices
Food Groups
    Physical Activity - Hours
    Physical Activity - Minutes
    Complete Set

    Making Every Dollar Count (MEDC)

    Please use this to evaluate participants over age 18

    MEDC Retrospective

    Plan, Shop, Save & Cook


    Adult Physical Activity Survey new

    Please use this survey to evaluate series-based direct education and PSE interventions (such as Bailoterapia, walking clubs, etc.) that target improvements in physical activity among adults. Examples of curricula include: Eating Smart, Being Active; Eat Smart, Live Strong; Eat and Play Together!; and MyPlate for My Family. If you are interested in using this physical activity evaluation tool, please contact Angie Keihner at the CalFresh Healthy Living, UC State Office.