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'UC Delivers' is a collection of examples showing how University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC-ANR) is making a difference for Californians. The articles listed below were authored or co-authored by UC CalFresh program personnel. To submit a UC Delivers, please select the UC Delivers Blog.

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Integrated youth, families, and communities programming increases health and wellness

Shannon Klisch, UC CalFresh Program Supervisor; Katherine E. Soule, NFCS Advisor

Shaping Healthy Choices Program Initiated in Riverside

Chutima Ganthavorn, NFCS Advisor; Claudia Carlos, UC CalFresh Educator; Connie Costello, UC CalFresh Supervisor (retired); Andra Nicoli, UC CalFresh State Office

Teens develop as leaders by mentoring children in school garden program

C. Sheena Sidhu, Staff Research Associate; Wei-ting Chen, Nutrition Family & Consumer Sciences Advisor; Mary Vollinger, UC CalFresh Program Supervisor; Andra Nicoli, UC CalFresh State Office

UC CalFresh and 4-H Partner to Develop a Generation of Student Chefs

Chelsey L. Slattery, Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences Advisor; Shyra Murrey, UC CalFresh Program Supervisor; Tracy Bishop, 4-H Community Education Specialist

UC CalFresh Imperial County Empowering Youth as Leaders

Paul Tabarez, MS, Community Education Supervisor II, UC CalFresh Imperial County; Andra Nicoli, MA, UC CalFresh State Office

UC CalFresh Kings County engages students, teachers, and parents to make healthful choices

Deepa Srivastava, Ph.D., NFCS Advisor, dsr@ucanr.edu; Susan Lafferty, Community Education Specialist II; Denise Cuendett, Community Education Specialist 

UC CalFresh’s Youth Engagement Initiative builds tomorrow’s leaders

Brandon Louie, MS, Community Engagement Coordinator, UC Davis Center for Regional Change; Metria Munyan, Youth Engagement Project Manager, Center for Wellness and Nutrition; Andra Nicoli, MA, UC CalFresh State Office